Microsoft HoloLens in Space: Take 2

It is now apparent that when the SpaceX rocket carrying two Microsoft HoloLens headsets exploded minutes after take off back in June, project manager Jeff Norris wasn’t having any of it. Orbital Sciences, the aerospace company tasked with supplying those aboard the space station with the next-gen headgear, have certified the items for another launch and aim to have them all wrapped up and ready for Christmas after their ascent on December 3rd.


Astronauts will use the HoloLens technology to work with experts on the ground in completing various unfamiliar tasks. Augmented reality instruction manuals as well as software that allows a real-time projection of scientists’ drawing over the visual field of the astronaut aim to reduce the time required to undertake new tasks. We’re on our way to realising the scenes dreamt up by 80’s sci-fi nerds, even if a lot of the tech will be used for having a tidy up (apparently they have a serious clutter issue up there). Software will be used for recognising the item the astronaut is holding and instructing them on its proper safe-keeping place. There is no word yet on this technology becoming available to the mainstream, but i’m sure it will be sought after by every parent and college student in years to come.

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