Fallout Facts From the Annuls of Radioactive History

Fallout 4 has just taken over living room screens across the world in its release to a mutant-hungry audience and rendered many employees suddenly and unexpectedly ill and unable to-err come in tomorrow <cough> <cough>. So, to celebrate this much anticipated title give the thumbs a break and have a scroll through 24 Facts about Fallout from past to present including the latest word on the best console to enjoy it on. Hint: Scroll to the bottom for the latest facts on Fallout 4 if you obviously already know everything there is to know about the Fallout franchise, damn noobs.

No Surprises Which Characters Original Fallout Title Cut 


In the original Fallout title, options to play a red-headed female protagonist and a black male protagonist were originally created. However they were removed in the final cut of the game and are now only available to meet in a strange encounter in Fallout 2.

Mutants Today Just Have No Respect


The original Fallout game also included mutants that were largely intelligent and articulate. However throughout the games their genius has somewhat declined, apparently due to the mutation process itself.

Bloody Messes Are Always More Satisfying 


And another thing about the original Fallout. Players who choose the ‘Bloody Mess’ perk get a whole different ending. It’s often cited as a whole lot more satisfying than the regular, less bloody and messy ending.

Reign of Grelok: The Unsung Hero of Fallout 3


Who doesn’t love a bit of game-ception once in a while. Players of Fallout 3 were hit with a heavy dose of nostalgia when they found a computer terminal in the Hubris Comics building that allows the player to engage in a working text adventure game called “Reign of Grelok”. The game was included in Fallout 3 as an homage to the classic textual games of an almost forgotten era.

Show Me The Ammo 


Fallout 3 was also littered with Ham radios broadcasting morse code. If the player traces the code to its location they are rewarded with an abundance of useful items including some pretty rare ammunition.

Radioactive Babies IRL 


Totally not clickbait. The voice of the baby at the start of Fallout 3 is actually the sound of director Todd Howard’s son on his 1st birthday. Cute :’).

It’s Art, Darling 


Fallout 3’s first ever piece of artwork went on to become the cover of the game, and arguably one of the icons of the franchise. It was created by lead artist Istvan Pely in 2004.

The One With The Launch Party 


Friends star Courtney Cox worked for Bethesda in the 80s and then helped host the Fallout 3 launch party. Co-Star Matthew Perry also elbowed his way into the franchise by providing some of the voice work.


Mods. Mods Everywhere. 


When you play a modded version of Fallout 4, the game automatically saves a copy of itself to preserve the pure game file. Modding tools will be available for PC in early 2016, with X-box 1 shortly after.

Some Radiation in the North This Morning and Heavy Showers in the South 


Fallout 4 features a full weather system that scopes the entire map. Radiation storms  flare up from the Glowing Sea and travel across the map for added dynamism and weather report potential…



Companies such as Loot Crate and ThinkGeek have jumped on the Fallout bandwagon over the last month to bring out specific exclusive packages for fans. Loot Crate quickly sold out, however ThinkGeek are offering a $100 bundle of exclusive ‘111’ goodies including a shot glass, backpack, lunch box, and hoodie.

It’s Not Next-Gen If It Doesn’t Glitch 

2951797-screen shot 2015-10-16 at 12.22.20

A number of seemingly inconsequential glitches have arisen from player feedback.These range from comical images of Piper spasmodically twirling across the floor during loading screens to more serious X-Box 1 issues.

But Who Reigns Supreme in this Universe? 


Digital Foundry have already released their findings as to which console is best for all your mutant-shooting needs. With a delivery of the promised 1080p display on both consoles, there aren’t many technical hiccups. However drops from 30fps to 20 in some sections are reportedly more apparent in Microsoft’s machine than Sony’s and the PS4 holds up better in general.

Pause for Thought 


Fallout 4 offers players the chance to pause and save during conversations now – just another example of the developer’s conscious effort to make this title a lot more character based. Pause the convo and save to ensure you don’t mess up your chances with a wrong answer. Though this does take some of the fun out of decision making, who wouldn’t agree that this should just be transferred over to real life sooner rather than later.

Free in Best Buy 


At the moment, you can buy any PS4 from Best Buy and receive a completely free copy of Fallout 4. Just in case you were waiting for a new Fallout title before you purchased your next console…

Remote Play: Helping Homeowners Get Along Since Vita 


Fallout 4 apparently works really well using the Remote Play function of the PS Vita. It’s surprising that such a large scale project would devote that much time to what AAA mainstream Sony views largely as a gimmick but it’s quelled many a screen argument so far in the title’s launch.

This Pip Boy Market’s A Lucrative Industry 


Pip Boy Edition Fallout 4 bundles are appearing on eBay now for well over £400 / $600 despite their original sold-out price of just £100 / $120. Are we really surprised though?

Real Life Nuka-Cola Quantum 


Fans will soon be able to purchase real bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum from Target stores to energise during intense play sessions. The pale blue liquid and intergalactic purple labels will be in stock at some point in autumn.

It’s a Dense World After All 


The world of Fallout 4 is said to be the most dense to date. The content is apparently so vast and detailed that even director Todd Howard hasn’t seen it all yet.

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