Unofficial PS4 Remote Play on PC – What to Expect and How to get Playing

Wednesday 25th November 2015 will see the release of an unofficial application developed by Twisted descend upon the PC world.

After developing the app part time over the last year, the developer has announced its release to be set later this week. When your gaming hours are limited by the perils of a shared television, PS4 currently allows the PS Vita to act as a subsidiary. However, this new app will allow players to complete their daily hour quota right on their PC.

Twisted released a video in which they showed off their new development, highlighting the highly sophisticated running of inFamous First Light and displaying the remapping of controls to keyboard and mouse. It’s possible that players may have to expect lagging in gameplay, though this wasn’t an issue in Twisted’s reveal, however it seems highly likely that this will occur at least during the first few months of its release.

To ensure that the application is further stabilised in the future, the developer has decided to place a £6.50 or $10 charge on the downloading of the app – which i’m sure most people who can afford a PS4 can live with. This charge will allow them to fund future developments of the application, taking it to new platforms and creating new features.

This new development comes just in time for those Black Friday PS4 buyers, and whether or not Sony approves, it certainly undermines the monopoly Microsoft currently has over PC porting.

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