Gaming Gift Ideas 2015!

Love video game apparel or just love those who do? Have a browse of what the internet in 2015 has to offer you. A compilation of the web’s most intriguing, and available, gaming gifts in a price range to suit any post-Steam-sale wallet. After scouring the internet, witnessing the best and the truly awful, I have made your Christmas shopping just that little bit easier this year – or if you just fancy a gift from you to you – they’re the best kind…

PlayStation Knitted Christmas Sweater $49.99 


Yes, jumping in at the pricier end of our list, but this officially licensed PlayStation logo-themed Christmas sweater should really be enjoyed by all. And it’s on sale at the moment, for the cheapest price that I found across the web. With free shipping worldwide, and some Christmas parties still on the calendar, why not take the plunge and give your Christmas some 90s PS logo magic.

Logitech PowerShell Controller with Battery $14.99

Or, for the mobile gamers, this iPhone 5 / 5s and iPod Touch 5th generation
external controller provides a nicely tactile mobile play experience with a console finish. Optimised for iOS 7, the console style controls with rubber grip leave device buttons fully powershell-controller-battery-590x330functional while leaving more screen room for actual play. Some users have posted some difficulties with certain games, and true this device will only work with games that allow it too. If you’re a fan of Lego Lord of the Rings, Terraria, The Wolf Among Us, Dead Trigger 2, or Scribblenaughts Remix, then the low price point on this device makes a purchase worthwhile. Though it’s marketed as an on-the-go extension, the length may prove otherwise and it’s best enjoyed during intense home sessions.

GameKlip Universal Case Mount $19.95 

If you have the phone it works with, then this is a great ACaseMountFrontCompressed_1024x1024ndroid
alternative to the Logitech Powershell. This clip mounts your device onto a Dual Shock 3 controller for the full console experience.The device is placed in a case which is adhesively attached to your controller and it works straight out the box. That is if you have previously purchased the case, as this is one crucial feature that does not come packaged in the $20 price tag. Also, don’t be deceived by the ‘universal’-ness of the case mount – check the Compatibility Guide to see if the device is enabled on yours.

Joystick-It Arcade Stick $9.42

Not up for hefty add-ons? The understated, portable Joystick-It Arcade 61RHF5Dkl7L._SL1035_Stick works on iPad and iPhone to bring you a classic arcade feel in the 21st century. Attach the tiny joystick to any capacititive touchscreen and enjoy with any game that features an
onscreen joystick. Using easy to attach and remove magnets, we’re promised that this portable device won’t harm your screen. For the low price and high portability, it’s difficult to go wrong with this stylishly simple little add-on from ThinkGeek.

USB NES Controller for PC and Mac 

If you want to keep your retro gaming at your desk however, this easy to NesUsbuse USB NES controller will work out the box with any of your NES emulated games. With no drivers to worry about, simply plug in and be transported back to the simple days of your youth. While some users have reported a necessary ‘break-in’ period of the buttons, this is also reminiscent of the days of NES and can surely provide some nostalgic, out-of-the-box play experiences.

“Disc Dots” $10.95 

61EoO9JZWvL._SL1000_For those who want to display their game collection in a unique yet understated manner, these disc wall mounts provide a perfect manner to store your game discs where they will both be accessible and braggable. In a choice of either black or white, each pack carries 20 Disc Dot mounts. Available from Laboratory 424 or Amazon.

SNES Super Nintendo Cartridge Soap $9.36

SoapThese handmade soaps are produced to order from Etsy user ‘NerdySoap’. Listed here is the Super Mario World version, but there are several different designs to choose from available from their online store. With the option to select a scent from a wide range of available aromas, and the brilliant feedback they’ve received on them so far, why not bring retro gaming into the bathroom.

Nintendo Cartridge Clock $18.99 

il_570xN.273446392Prefer your novelty cartridge items on the wall? Then this cartridge clock from user GeekGear might be better. Pictured is the The Legend of Zelda version of the clock, however the store is willing to take your requirements and find a cartridge on eBay with which to produce your clock. Yes, all clocks are made out of original NES cartridges which kind of feels like butchery but will be worth it for a unique game room item. The user has been widely praised for their efficiency and packaging, as well as their overall standard of product. And they also ship worldwide – what’s not to love.

Drunk Hunt Cartridge Flask $19.9971cCJholLlL._SL1001_

Maybe you want to run with the theme of old cartridges, and finish the day off with a nicely concealed beverage. In which case, this ‘Drunk Hunt’ flask acts as a perfectly innocent camouflage. Harking back to the days of the popular NES shooter Duck Hunt, this parody holds 4.25 oz of fluid.

‘Nerdtendo Gamebooze’ Flask $14.99 1762_nerdtendo_gamebooze_8oz_flask

More of a handheld fan, then the sneakily named ‘Nerdtendo Gamebooze’
flask may be your flask alternative. Boasting an 8oz capacity, the flask combines everyone’s twin loves of alcohol and classic portable gaming in a lovingly detailed rendition of the Nintendo classic Gameboy.

Portal Bookends $29.99

e9cc_portal_bookendsSo you sometimes take video game breaks to read, we get it – you’re smart. But why not bring your love for award winning
puzzler Portal to your bookshelf with this pair of officially licensed bookends. Available from ThinkGeek, these pieces are made of shiny, durable aluminium and will look great wrapped around your favourite titles. And if you don’t read, then just stick them either side of your game collection for some intense fandom.

8-Bit Treasure Chest with LEDs and Sound $29.99

So you’ve bought your loved one some jewellery, or you just don’t have 1493_legendary_8-bit_treasure_chest_with_led_and_soundanything cool to store your own in. Well, if you’re truly ($30 worth) dedicated to the cause you could give this video game style treasure chest a go. Sizing up at 4″ wide by 4.5″ tall, it’s a perfect fit for something small and shiny, and a nice novelty item with the light up and fanfare sound effect. There are drawbacks, and reasons why this might just be an expensive one-time gimmick. Users have reported a number of malfunctions with the light and sound work, and considering the high price point and fact that you have to purchase your own AA batteries to even run the thing, you might have to be very dedicated to the cause. It’s nice to know it’s there though… right?



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