4 Far Cry Primal Expectations


The world where man brutally murders man for food, where tyrannical leaders invade and annihilate tribes for land, and human instinct rules over reason is about to see the release of a new Far Cry title on Tuesday.

Far Cry Primal has been surrounded in contention since its accidental announcement, and as fans and skeptics gear up for its release next week, we take a look at 4 expectations held for the title.

Combat will be more creative, but more creativity means more strategy

Far Cry Primal Weapons

No guns! Whatever will we do. Jokes aside, this is a risky move for Far Cry considering how ingrained the mechanic has been in gameplay up until now and its relative centrality in die hard fans’ enjoyment. We have kind of been asking for this though. With the market saturation of shooter games meaning that these titles simply repeat themselves under different titles (some fans’ arguments even about the previous titles in the Far Cry series). Ubisoft is giving us what we’ve been asking for – a AAA title that provides us with a new and unique gameplay experience, it’s just that many players are refusing to accept this. The abandonment of fire artillery will hopefully have forced developers to be more creative in how combat operates within the game. We’ve seen flaming arrows, double arrows, the use of animals as weapons, bombs, and the crafting of new weapons from rare items found throughout the world, in the trailers. The idea put forward by these trailers is that combat will require a lot more strategy. So it’s likely that now, more than ever, Far Cry will be a game of stealth, risk, and methodical planning.

The map may not be as diverse as before, but the game revolves around how you use it

Far Cry Primal Map

It’s difficult to justify an intricately designed abandoned city left just for you exploration when a game takes place in the Stone Age. Trailers have shown forest, forest, and more forest and so it seems that terrain will likely diversify itself through aesthetic differences – mountains, icey glaciers, and caves are all part of the adventure too. Players have argued that from the trailer, the map doesn’t look varied enough. While it’s true that there seems to be a lot of green, it doesn’t look like this is going to be hours of that desert scene in Uncharted 3 (#30MinutesI’llNeverGetBack). The land is itself the meat of the game. It’s how the tribes work – territory is everything. Learning to utilise aspects of the map for hunting, avoiding predators, scoping enemy tribes, and searching for items valuable for your survival will hopefully turn these rolling hills into a thrillingly dangerous experience.

Subject specific gameplay will rule all

A AAA game set in the Stone Age is an experience new to the scene and so far the gameplay and features specific to this setting look impressive. Developers even went so far as to develop a language based on Proto-Indo-European tongue. They took this language and made it sound older to create the fictitious Wenja language but this element of realism looks set to create an incredibly engrossing narrative system. There’s a downside – subtitles. It seems that constantly having to read subtitles may get on some players’ nerves but honestly looking at the gameplay reveals – it seems this game operates much more on actions than words. The role of hunting in Primal also provides some setting-specific gameplay opportunities, and the difference in experience between day and night looks more pronounced than previous titles because of the vast disadvantages to the primal human in the dark.

A new dimension comes in the form of the animal kingdom

Far Cry Primal Saber-Tooth Tiger

Animals are quickly becoming game mechanics used throughout various titles. From what we’ve seen however, Far Cry Primal will take this idea and sprint with it. Trailers explain how each animal has a different skill set and can be utilised by the player for different exercises. Owls can seek out enemies (much like previous mechanics in other titles) and attack them, badgers can be used to chase of larger predators, and it looks like bears can be ridden into war – Putin style. This new dimension very much links to the fact that the map is what you make of it. You have to understand and command the animal kingdom to find success. Let’s face it, riding into war on a saber-tooth tiger with your army of hulking bears feels a lot more badass than silently sniping guards.

But no multiplayer – bummer…



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