Remasters Run the Video Game Industry

Resident Evil 6 has just become available on PS4. It's a graphical upgrade that also includes all maps and DLC from the original PS3 version as well as a new "No Mercy" hardcore mode for PC. The title comes in a stream of Resident Evil remasters that we're very much in the centre of. The games have seen... Continue Reading →

Call of Duty 2016 Set in Space

In a direct departure from the series' past ventures, this year's Call of Duty instalment will see a sci-fi space war setting. The game will not appear as a sequel to developers Infinity Ward's Ghosts, though that title did appear with a space-age introduction in 2013. Over the weekend, industry insider shinobi602 revealed on NeoGAF that the title will... Continue Reading →

GTA 6 in Development Right Now

Grand Theft Auto V was released over two years ago now, and though it smashed sales records, Rock Star are running out of time to rest on their success. Which is why they've announced that they're currently working on GTA 6. Techradar recently reported that the game is in development, though for full location and specifications... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Onward

Founded by Dante Buckley, who shows off his developments in the Dev blogs available on the site, Downpour Interactive will be bringing tactical first person shooter VR game Onward to head mounted displays. The title is still very much in development, however devs boast a stripped down fps concept with no HUD, limited respawns, and no crosshairs.... Continue Reading →

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