Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Released for Windows 10

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was released last year on Xbox One, and since then Microsoft have taken their sweet time with the PC version. An encyclopaedic remaster and assimilation of pretty much all the Gears of War content to date, the title made a big impression when it landed.

Now we know why it took so long.


Surprising the world by coming to Microsoft Store today for Windows 10, there’s a hell of a lot of armour on this title. In order to run the game, players will need a DX12 graphics card and 60GB free hard-drive space. To enjoy the 4K resolution it was created for, players will require an Intel Core i7 running at 4Ghz or AMD FX 6-core. If you’re not weighed down by that hefty gaming set up, 1080p can run with i5 at 3.5Ghz, and minimum specs are i5 at 2.7Ghz. I go through all this only because the unlocking of frame rate in both campaign and multiplayer mode can be seen to drastically change the texture and depth of the graphics in this port… that’s if you’re not running it on AMD Radeon. Players with the AMD Radeon graphics card are reporting the game to be totally unplayable – stuttering, visual corruption, and glitching is apparently the order of the day for these users – but this is something to watch as it unfolds.

The game is now up for grabs for $30 on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

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