Why It’s Worth Buying Heavy Rain on PS4

Heavy Rain is an incredibly immersive narrative-based PS3 game from 2010. The full scale of what had hit the gaming industry that year would quickly become apparent among a niche audience, and the game would go on to be a major case study in the video games as art argument that was just beginning to take shape. The cinematic nature of the title defined its success – it was an interactive experience of the highest sense, and demonstrated a video game narrative’s ability to extend beyond the screen.


Bringing Heavy Rain into 2016, then, is the PS4 remaster that hits stores today. With resolution boosted up to 1080p, and incredibly life-like facial movements. Even if you’re just looking to buy the PS4 remaster based on its looks – it’s worth it. Textures have been stripped and re-rendered, and the titular rain itself has been detailed and brought to life. Better shadow and light rendering, reduction of screen tear, and a consistent frame rate, brings the cinematic into the spectacle. For a game so primed on its movie-like qualities, it’s not surprising so much work went into the visuals, and it’s less surprising that it’s come out looking so good.



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