Rarest Legend of Zelda Collectables Out There!

Collecting can quickly turn from a hobby into a million dollar investment, or hoarding disorder. Nevertheless, there are some pretty cool Legend of Zelda items floating around in this world, and some of the most money ever exchanged in the collecting world was over Zelda loot. So let’s take a look at the 11 rarest collectables out there.

Belgian Legend of Zelda N64


For some reason, Nintendo gave employees in Belgium a series of Legend of Zelda special edition N64s. They were only available for a short time and to a particularly limited set of people – a recipe for a deeply entrenched collector’s breakdown. With the last one seen on eBay being in 2010, the console is among the rarest you can find, and considering the $1500 price tag it’s not exactly the cheapest.

The Prototype Cartridge


Now famous in the gaming world, the yellow Legend of Zelda original prototype cartridge is incredibly rare and horrifically expensive. When one changed hands in 2012, the asking price was $150,000 – we know that’s not the amount that was paid but it was still between the $50-100,000 range. Put it this way, when it was sold, it became the most expensive video game in the world. In a mysterious plot twist, the buyer wanted to remain anonymous and even had the seller sign a non-disclosure agreement about his identity. The cartridge contains a fully playable pre-release version the original NES title.

25th Anniversary Treasure Chest


A Gamescom 2011 exclusive, this item may not be very old, but its value lies in its rarity. At the 2011 event, visitors to the Nintendo booth fought to catch plush rupees in order to win a change to compete in a trivia quiz. The two runner ups from this quiz won a chest each in varying sizes depending on the placement.

Limited Edition Minish Cap Box


Available only through Club Nintendo Europe, and for a hefty 15,000 stars, the Limited Edition Minish Cap Box is one of 300 pieces worldwide. The crate itself is heavily valuable, with the insides ranging from a rare-in-itself Triforce Gameboy SP to a Triforce beanie. With a certificate of authenticity, these pieces have been selling for $1000 and over worldwide since their release.

Zelda Twilight Princess Statue


For those same 15,000 stars you could also procure yourself a statue of Link riding Epona in a scene from Twilight Princess. This prized statue was limited to 3,800 pieces and could also be obtained through a couple select Nintendo event competitions.

Ocarina of Time Promotional Figure


Speaking of statues, the Ocarina of Time promotional figure used at E3 1997 is among the rarest Zelda statues ever made. Standing at 18″ tall, the figure is rarely found on auction sites but has been known to crop up every now and then.

Zelda Twilight Princess Trailer DS Cart


Nintendo could have held off on this expensive solution to getting your next trailer out there – YouTube was created the very same year these hit the market. Part of press kits handed out at the 2005 E3, these DS cartridges held only the Twilight Princess trailer when inserted into a DS device. However, these bizarre marketing ploys are now rare and valuable to collectors, with estimate prices ranging from between $150 and $200.

Ocarina of Time 3D Great Deku Seeds

Great Deku Tree Seeds

Gamescom 2011 must have been a fun time – the first 100 participants in the Zelda flashmob that took place bagged themselves a small tin can. The can possessed artwork on the outside and instructions on how to care for the Deku seeds that it contained. The item was also a pre-order bonus exclusively for Nintendo fans residing in Greece.

Majora’s Mask 35mm Trailer


Back in the day reels of film were a thing. Movie theatres would receive reels of trailers to play before the feature presentation, one of which was this Majora’s Mask 35mm trailer reel. The item has become quite rare in our soulless age of wifi and data sharing and pops up on eBay occasionally when someone doesn’t really know what it is.

Legend of Zelda Board Game


After the success of the first two Zelda games, MB created a board game inspired by the world of Zelda for 1 – 4 players which involved travelling around the board and collecting as many hearts as possible. Limited numbers were produced when the game hit the shelves in 1988, meaning that while not the rarest item on our list, a mint condition game goes for around $200 today.

Ocarina of Time N64 Collector’s Edition


Though not rare by any means, the Ocarina of Time N64 has gone for a hefty sum mint and sealed in the past. It deserves an honourable mention here, though, for it’s sheer coolness and demonstration of just what you could get for your cash in a collector’s edition back in the day.


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