12 Facts About The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

With The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD landing on WiiU tomorrow, it’s time for a rundown of all those fun facts, easter eggs, and bizarre decisions that made the original Wii title the bestseller it was back in 2006.

The Animal Kingdom

  1. The player can take control of a Cucco by attacking it enough – this is the LinkEponaTP.jpgfirst, and only game, which allows you to control the creatures instead of being attacked by a terrifying flock.
  2. When in wolf form, Link can talk to Epona. She’s not much of a conversationalist however, and merely tells him to change back into human form as soon as possible, presumably so he can’t talk to her again.

The Mysterious World of NPCs

  1. Midna is an eccentric character, and the centre of many an easter egg and 59524ea42a73c6cd46a2766b3aa09b52.jpggeneral intrigue. She for example, has no reflection. When in Link’s house she cannot be seen in the mirror, and her image remains absent from the icey lake.
  2. Midna also speaks in a convolution of gibberish – or so it may seem. Her words are actually scrambled English, and decoding such scrambling reveals perfectly understandable language.
  3. If you complete the Star mini-game in Hyrule Castle town, head outside in human form and meet up with the three ladies waiting by the door. It’s your fan club, and when you approach they will shriek “it’s him” and give you three hearts before running away giggling. It’s the Hyrule version of screaming Bieb-lets.
  4. Fyer has a Bullet Bill from Super Mario Bros. on his right sleeve – a nod to The Legend of Zelda’s 1986 sibling game perhaps.

Linking it All Together – Get it?

  1. Hero’s Shade is a character that crops up in the game and teaches young Link 170px-Hero's_Shade.pngeverything he has learnt in his many years of wisdom and bravery. He never reveals his identity however, and with the publication of the Hyrule Historia all has been revealed. There’s obviously only enough room in Hyrule for one gallant hero, so Hero’s Shade is Link from the past coming back to teach… himself… about what he… himself… did? If you think the Zelda timeline is simple enough to put that succinctly then you either have too much time on your hands or you haven’t looked at the Zelda timeline.
  2. Twilight Princess is Link’s first right-handed appearance. With the introduction of motion controls on the Wii, it felt wrong to have the player swing their right hand to make Link swing his left and so the entire game was flipped. The Wii version is therefore a mirror of the Gamecube title in order to easily accommodate this. <cough> They could just not use motion controls <cough>…
  3. After defeating a particularly unforgiving enemy, Link can perform a little flourish – spinning on his sword before sheathing it. To achieve this, simply press A without moving.

Worlds Apart

  1.  Throughout much of its development, Twilight Princess was supposed to be a Wind Waker sequel. Presentations referenced the game as Wind Waker 2 and it shared the same graphical style. However after Wind Waker never took off, Nintendo believed the cartoonish art to be misleading, suggesting that the game was just for the kids. They therefore began remodelling Twilight Princess into a more realistic Zelda game and in fact went in the total opposite direction to Wind Waker. With Twilight Princess being the only Zelda game to hold a T rating, it’s arguably the most mature game in the series. zeldatpbetarealm.jpg
  2. Originally, the Twilight World was black and white in prerelease gameplay, with only random splashes of colour on the screen. This idea was scrapped for the full release however.
  3. Go see Hena before fishing and you’ll recognise a photograph on her wall of the fishing pond owner from Ocarina of Time. Dart your gaze back to her and you’ll see her scratching her back – feel familiar. If you talk to her, your suspicions will be confirmed when she comments on being related to the previous owners.

We don’t know how many of these idiosyncrasies will be present in the new HD remake, and we don’t know how many more will be hidden in the game. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking out each of them to see how much the game has changed in its evolution to WiiU.



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