Doom Cover Art Up For Debate

Leading up to its May 13th release date, id Software and Bethesda are asking you the people what you want from Doom‘s cover art. In tweets on the main Doom Twitter, developers provided fans with the two working covers they have procured so far, and put it to the masses to help them decide which one to go for.

Option number one gives the cover an 80s B-movie type of feel – a demonic skull looming from the darkness of the front, and a stark red pentagram on the back.

Option number two takes Doom back to the hyperbolic beauty of video game covers back in the day – filling it with vibrant reds and fierce drama.

To be honest, I can’t really picture either covers on my shelf. Maybe people are reacting so badly because we’re not used to seeing these covers laid out for us in this way. Maybe we’re not sure how to approach the remake of a 23 year old game considered too sacred to touch for so long. Will anything be good enough for our Doom?

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