Vampyr Gameplay Footage Leaked

Some footage of upcoming new title from Life Is Strange’s Dontnod apparently sent to selected press organisations has been leaked. About three minutes of gameplay was published to YouTube this morning accompanied by some commentary discussing the pre-alpha footage. This comes after Dontnod released a series of screenshots of their new title set during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in London, earlier this week.

Though the footage is shot pointed at the computer screen playing the game, resulting in a shakey, off-colour presentation, the combat and overall style of the game is being widely compared to Bloodbourne. We were enticed by the misty gloom of London streets in the screenshots, and the gothic feel of Dontnod’s new project reveals itself to be a stark departure from the crisp, contemporary setting on their wildly successful 2015 release Life Is Strange. Dealing with supernatural and historical themes, Vampyr will follow the story of Jonathan Reid, a skeptic-turned-vampire doctor, as he learns of his new condition and the way it plays into the grim desperation of widespread disease he sees around him.


Vampyr is set for release in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and though this early gameplay footage is so pre-alpha it hurts, it bodes well for things to come.

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