Arcade Block February 2016 Review

Despite receiving February’s Arcade Block a fair way into March, I have yet to be disappointed with a month’s haul and was still pretty excited to dig in when it turned up.

Sonic The Hedgehog Double Walled Cup

IMG_0394 (1).jpg

Perhaps one of the biggest items i’ve received in these mystery boxes, the Sonic cup was the first thing I noticed when the lid was lifted. While it’s made out of plastic, there’s still a pretty decent weight on this item with a good quality lid and nice colouring. It’s double walled – so I don’t know if that’s a keeping it clean thing, or a design thing, or if it actually does anything in terms of the temperature of the drink but i’m assuming it’s a good thing. Overall, though being a little dusty and in desperate need of washing out, I was pretty happy with the item that had been weighing down my loot.

Pokemon Shirt

IMG_0402 (1).jpg

The shirt! Normally the first thing I seek when I open the box. I’m going to say this now, just to clear the air and get it out of the way. I hope we can move past this, but I wasn’t that into Pokemon growing up, and I have to say i’m not now. So I feel my wearing of the Pokemon shirt would be considered sacrilege among some die-hard cultures. Nevertheless, it’s a really cool design and could to the untrained eye not even have anything to do with Pokemon. Looking at the information card, it’s clear that this shirt comes in three designs – I got the blue one (I don’t know what that means – burn me later). As always though, it’s a nice quality t-shirt from Shirt Punch and if you’re a fan of Pokemon this is going to be a real winner for you.

Super Salt & Pepper Shaker

IMG_0396 (1).jpg

IMG_0397 (1).jpg

I’m going to have to make special allowances to get this next item home when I leave the US in a few months because it will be a staple in my kitchen next year. This exclusive Arcade Block Super Mario themed salt and pepper shaker set looks insanely cool. Though the ceramic feels like it might shatter into a thousand pieces at a single nudge off the table, its adorable design will ensure that it’s kept extra safe. The mushroom and pipe work as two independent shakers sitting nicely on top of one another, and are dishwasher proof for anyone who was wondering.

Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest

IMG_0398 (1).jpg

IMG_0399 (1).jpg

I’m torn between this and another item being my favourite of this month’s box. This charming tin Legend of Zelda chest also includes a Zelda jewel inside feat. scrappy blue pixel card. I’m undecided as to whether to leave the jewel in and keep it as a decorative item, or take it out and use the chest to store 3DS and DS games. Who knows – it’s definitely a great little piece though and external aesthetics more than make up for the slightly dodgy hinge on my one.

The Bit.Trip Collection

IMG_0400 (1).jpg

Something that i’ve always loved about Geek Fuel boxes (you can see my review of last month’s here) is that they always include a game. This month, Arcade Block have upped the ante with the entire Bit.Trip collection. The collection comes as a disk in a card sleeve and includes Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux. The series has always been in my peripherals since Bit.Trip Beat came onto the scene in 2009, however i’ve never actually gotten round to having a go at it so i’m really excited about trying it out. It will have to wait though as I am currently without a disk drive – so will either have to buy one specifically to play this game or wait until i’m in the UK and can use my old computer… Bit.Trip Bummer.

“Map of Hyrule” Tea Towel

IMG_0403 (1).jpg

The phrase ‘saving the best for last’ doesn’t come close to how I feel about this final item. My only fear was deciding whether or not to actually use or just show off this tea towel depicting the map of Hyrule in gorgeous quality. And Arcade Block even had my back on that one – they ship two of these towels out to you so you can always have one to look at. I still don’t think I could dream of dirtying either one so i might just have a display and a backup display. It’s items like this that make these boxes worth the money – i’d never think to search for a Hyrule tea towel – i’d see someone else with one and get insanely jealous but I would never go out of my way to order one.

This has been one of the best boxes i’ve ever received. The strongest items were definitely the Zelda ones, with the Hyrulian map towels coming up top. However every single item was a pleasant surprise – which is rare in mystery subscription boxes that hope to please everyone in an extraordinarily diverse group. Though their shipping could have been more organised, i’ve still yet to be let down by Arcade Block and that’s probably the reason they’re the number one for this kind of thing.

Just a note: Some reviewers are sent free boxes, or are part of these companies themselves, and sometimes this can lead to praising box dishonestly. I am not sent any of these boxes free nor am I affiliated with any company – this is just my honest opinion.

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