None of HTC Vive’s 50 Titles Are Exclusive

Information from Valve at GDC has emerged announcing that the HTC Vive virtual reality device will come with 50 launch titles, but no exclusives.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure VR succeeds, regardless of the platform. I don’t think a customer ever thinks a platform-exclusive game is a good thing.” – Chet Faliszek

This move demonstrates just how young the virtual reality industry is, and how every developer is working on the same level. In order to ensure virtual reality is the revolution it should be, companies need to work together in these formative years to research their new technologies and bring those technologies to the mass market. If virtual reality has any hope of succeeding, it needs to be a collaborative effort.


Nevertheless, Valve will be busy showing off around 30 titles in their range at GDC this week in time for the April 5 launch date. Those who jump in early will receive three full game freebies – the famed Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraption, and Google Tilt Brush as well as 8 mini games set in the Portal universe. Games to watch on the HTC Vive are Everest VR, so far just a demo of an intensely realistic Mount Everest experience, The Brookhaven Experiment, a survival horror shooter, and Arizona Sunshine, a first person zombie shooter.

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