Nintendo Launches Miitomo App

Today, Nintendo delivered their social networking Mii-centered app to Japan. The app allows players to create Miis and place them into a social network, where Miis meet each other and exchange their answers to previously asked questions.

Players have the ability to fully customise their Mii, with various different hairstyles, facial expressions, fashions, and accessories, before they answer a set of light questions such as “what TV shows are you watching” or “where did you go last weekend”. Their answers to these are then sent into this little virtual world to be conferred to other Miis in what seems to be a simplified, cartooned social network. Miis can also be photographed and shared to other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and placed into the foreground of your own photographs.


Though Miitomo wouldn’t be a proper app if there wasn’t in-app purchases to be made. This comes in the form of coins which players can purchase to play a mini-game called Miitomo Drop in which players can watch as their Mii cascades down the screen to land on a prize. The game can be played using tickets which are earned as daily rewards, or through the aforementioned coins.


Nintendo has been holding out from the mobile market, despite being urged by fans to embrace it in the wake of the initial WiiU marketing failures. Though we were teased by unfortunately false rumours of Mario’s arrival at the mobile medium, the Miitomo app was eventually picked up and announced last year. In this app, we see Nintendo dipping its toe into the waters of Android and iOS. Also launching soon is the My Nintendo app, the company’s answer to closing down the beloved Club Nintendo and taking it mobile. Time will tell if the company have attacked the mobile industry from the right angle, and whether their new ventures will take off.

Miitomo is now live in Japan on Android and iOS, and will be live in the US soon but with no date indicated by Nintendo.

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