New PlayStation Console Coming Sooner Than We Think?

In news just hitting the web, it seems a PS4.5 console is in the works and set to hit far before we could have hoped for a PS5.

Kotaku has reported first hand knowledge of the upgrade from meetings between Sony and developers, overheard conversations at GDC, and two ‘trusted’ sources. Though it’s only rumour at the moment, the site posits that the new console will run PS4 games in 4K with a boost in processing power aimed at virtual reality titles.

Kotaku reports that:

“Kotaku’s Jason Schreier and Stephen Totilo were also able to independently verify the existence of these hardware plans with their own developer sources, although some of the details have been vague; one source told us that the device felt “exploratory” and that it may not even be released this year.”

With E3 just around the corner, assuming the console was indeed on the books, it’s worth keeping an ear to the ground on this subject. As Microsoft and Nintendo seek to upgrade their hardware repertoire, it’s not surprising that Sony would follow suit. So, though this is just speculation at this time (and Sony is responding to questioning like it’s speculation) it’s not wildly out of the question that we’ll get more answers as the year progresses.

Original Kotaku Report: Here

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