How To Make Your Dream Game Room Happen

The video game industry has truly grown up with its players. The 8 year olds who got their hands on an NES in 1985 are now the 37 year olds embracing a future of virtual reality in 2016. Game rooms back in the day were pool tables and dartboards – nowadays the term has come to identify the status of a player’s dedication to the gaming cause through the style and sophistication of the space in their homes that they have dedicated to pixels and controllers. So here’s a run down of everything you need, or can dream about, for the perfect video game den (apart from the TV and the consoles – that’s kind of a given).

D-Link Wireless Router

This wifi booster is designed for gamers and streamers, with the capabilities of keeping up with a hell of a lot of bandwidth usage. For lag-free, dependable internet boosting, the D-Link is at the top of its game and uses various technologies to deliver a strong and stable internet connection at all times. Obviously you don’t need this specific wireless router, any will do a job, but this has been designed to cope with the demands of online play and streaming.



Video games look best when on display – so don’t keep your glorious box art stacked in the corner of the room, or worse – in a cupboard. While there are options for loud wall pieces that scream your devotion to the joystick, such as this Pacman rack which will be difficult to track down but pretty damn cool, there are also more subtle ways to display your collection and your passion at the same time.


SpeakGeek – Etsy 


There’s no point in having a gaming couch without allowing yourself the decency of decorating it with various well-designed cushions. It seems the market is most up for Legend of Zelda themed cushions, but i’m pretty sure given the expanse of the internet you’ll be able to locate a cover for just about any title you want to adorn your sofa with. Go simple with logo designs, or choose funny crossovers like Pikachu Stardust.

NoCapesStore – Etsy
Society 6
Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.13.44.png
Society 6


If you don’t want to go overboard on the decor, then a small table-saver might be in order. Obviously beverages are a must in the game room, so why ruin your lovely table with marks when video games could, once again, save the day.


The Fridge

You have your coasters, and you’re sitting comfortably on your cushions, glossing your game shelves deciding on a title. You need a drink. Thankfully you don’t have to shell out for a gaming specific mini-fridge like this Star Wars Battlefront one available with the game, you can also dress up your existing fridge with these dry erase Gameboy magnets – win win.



Don’t lose me here. Candles are badass. In fact, Games Radar created a way to match your favourite games with their appropriate scents – so go check that out and stop judging me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.35.28.png
Check It Here


No wall is complete without a declaration of your favourite titles. There’s a load of posters out there for you to grab, but there are interesting and unique ways to display your favourite titles. This Etsy user reimagines video game artwork in the style of 40s and 50s Swiss design, while Displate has a number of posters made out of metal for a more hardcore approach.

Jamesbit Etsy 
Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.41.28.png

Bluelounge Cable Box

Nothing ruins a game room more than wires traced around the edges, or protruding from extensions cords and systems. However, the Bluelounge cable box keeps all those wires in one place in a simplistically calming shell. The box holds your adapters and surge protectors in a flame retardant case with two outlets on either side of the box. Again, you can find cable holders and tidies on Amazon  for a whole lot cheaper than this one.




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