Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Order PlayStation VR

Bundle pre-orders for the PlayStation VR headset, PS4 camera, two Move controllers, and the PlayStation Worlds games dropped today for $499, and they’ve sold out across multiple online mediums. However, there’s a case here for waiting on the gear until it becomes available to the mainstream in October.

While the bundle looks enticing, essentially giving you everything you’ll need in autumn to get straight into virtual reality, the headset itself is retailing at a considerably lower price ($399), with preorders for that coming March 29. If you already have all the peripheral toys then, it’s obvious that you’re going to hold off until that one. But even if you don’t, there’s still good reason to hold onto your cash a little while longer and wait even until the device is released.

The October release date is an obvious marketing attempt for Sony to best Microsoft in the Christmas sales – so we’re going to see a lot of titles exploding onto the market in the later months of 2016. These titles will be considerably higher quality considering the amount of time developers will be able to play around with the inner workings of the device, but also because of critical player feedback. Once the device hits the mainstream, the fans will be essentially form a sounding board for the software already available – which will be used by Sony to expand and alter its later title repertoire – it’s a process that’s been seen across the industry for a number of years now following the explosion of the ‘fanboy’ mentality.


Still, these titles will still be around for you to purchase whether you pay for the device now or later. However with these titles, and the Christmas push, there’s likely to be some seriously better quality bundles alongside the hardware. Rather than the Wii Sports of the PlayStation VR, you could be paying for the Twilight Princess if you catch my drift. Many players are beginning to question the use of pre-ordering as it is essentially a pact between the consumer and the producer that they will deliver what they said they would after they’ve taken your money. Now obviously it’s not a case of the PlayStation VR changing dramatically in the time after pre-orders, but the quality of the titles you will be able to play on it looks set to hit a flurry around this Christmas period.

All this isn’t to say the release line up doesn’t look awesome – we’ve been waiting a long time for some of these titles. Nevertheless, it never hurt anyone to watch the horizon instead of being blinded by the here and now.


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