Indie VR Spotlight: SIX: Chapter One

Indie developers have been looking at virtual reality through the lens of the horror adventure for a long time now. However new guys on the block, LVL1 Games look set to bring an A-Grade title to the market in their debut title SIX: Chapter One. It’s clear that the team knows they’re in a competitive field of a highly competitive market – but they have a plan. I recently spoke to half the team, Daniel, who told me “if we are to stand out from the huge indie horror scene we would need to be completely original”.

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Sitting in your office one morning, you find a file concerning a school that, since a student summoned a spirit for help with bullying in the late 1800s, has reported horrific events and unexplainable phenomena right up until present day. Naturally, as a paranormal investigator it’s your duty to venture forth and tiptoe through the dark, blood-stained corridors of this grisly institution – just how i remember my school days. A plot feature that sets this game apart from VR’s bombardment of atmospheric horror experiences, is the ability to select a case file from a specific year and visit the school as it was then – a game mechanic that will likely produce some intricate and sophisticated narrative methods.


Atmosphere is vital to a truly terrifying horror experience in virtual reality – and thankfully the team have that under control. Daniel told me “I myself am a sound engineer / designer so original and atmospheric audio is a key point in also standing out from the crowd”. Judging by the trailer, they’re not kidding.

A demo will be available soon, which will see players through an encounter with the main enemy, as well as some exploration through certain areas of the school (to be completely opened up for the full release), in an effort to reassemble a broken, and creepy ass, music box in the basement.

The two-man team from Melbourne and Sydney are jumping straight into the market with SIX: Chapter One and are developing the title primarily for virtual reality (Rift) though a non-VR version will be available.

Check out their website: here

Find them on Twitter @LVL1_Games



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