7 Games To Look Out for in April 2016

Quantum Break April – 5th

Coming April 5th for Xbox One and PC, a brand new IP from Microsoft developed by Remedy Entertainment. Main character Jack Joyce has the power to manipulate time itself in the greatly anticipated third person shooter title exclusive to Xbox One and PC. The title was revealed in a teaser trailer at E3 in 2013 and has been delayed since 2014. Running off a brand new engine (“Northlight Engine”), and adhering to current theoretical physics, if you’re an Xbox One player, it’s worth getting in on this as it enters its lifespan.

Ratchet and Clank – April 12th

This reimagining of the original Ratchet and Clank title on the PS2 will see some heavy influences from the movie hitting theatres at the end of the month. The platform shooter has its following, though hasn’t received the critical acclaim of the more mature themed titles in recent years. Nevertheless, the series has always provided intelligently designed gameplay with awesome mechanics and its own unique brand of comedy fuelled by some brilliant voice acting. Another delay, as the title was due out last year however was pushed to April 12th 2016 to tie in nicely with the release of the movie. Ratchet and Clank will be available on PS4.

The Banner Saga 2 – April 19th

Lesser known than other titles on the list of upcoming releases, The Banner Saga 2 is a tactical role playing game that enhances and adds to many of the features offered in the previous title. Available on Mac and PC, this turn-based strategy has been praised so far for its storybook artwork and original soundtrack as well as its intricate combat features and ability to carry a save over from the original game. Though the playing of this original title isn’t necessary to experience The Banner Saga 2, the game is released as part of a trilogy.

POLLEN – April 20th

In the VR market, POLLEN will be released to the world on the 20th. A sci-fi mystery exploration game set in an alternate version of humanity’s history, players will explore a research base on Saturn’s largest moon in order to piece together the story by solving puzzles. The title is developed for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, with a PC and PS4 port available. The project comes from Mindfield Games, a newly formed developer so far dedicated to virtual reality gameplay. The title was in development surprisingly early for the technology, with plans in place since 2013, and a teaser trailer emerging in 2014.

Star Fox Zero and Guard – April 22nd

It’s been ten years since Star Fox Command was released for Nintendo DS, so Nintendo have been hard at work developing the new instalment in the series. Partnering with Platinum Games for the project, Nintendo have been adamant that the title will stand by itself within the timeline of the series – existing neither as a remake or a prequel / sequel to any of the titles. The gameplay will remain standard as players guide Fox McCloud through space, however the Wii U gamepad will be utilised for its gyroscopic abilities and a cockpit view on the gamepad screen. Alongside Zero, Nintendo is also bundling a standalone tower defence title, Star Fox Guard. Both titles will be available for purchase on the Wii U console.

Alienation – April 26th

Housemarque have developed this twin-stick co-op shooter title for the PS4. The Resogun developers made a big dent in the PS4 catalogue with their side-scrolling shooter in 2013, and are back for more gun-blasting action. Not much has been revealed about the title, however it seems to devote a lot of attention to multiplayer aspects while retaining a solid single player campaign. Available for around $20 via PSN, the title will be available for PS4 only.

King’s Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon A Climb – April 26th

We ran a piece on the third instalment in the critically acclaimed King’s Quest reboot last month. The time has come for the release of the third episode, which will see King Graham rescue his wife Queen Valanice from Hagatha’s tower. In case you didn’t know, the series seeks to fill the stories of the original titles in the King’s Quest series by following King Graham through the different adventures of his life. Chapter three takes place around the end of King’s Quest 2 and takes the narrative in a slightly different direction to the original title. The series is The Odd Gentleman’s ingenious demonstration that stories are never merely what they seem, a tone that is achieved in every episode to date. Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC on April 26th.



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