New Star Fox Zero Trailer Released

Nintendo have been roaring hype for the new Star Fox Zero title on WiiU by pumping trailers into the worlds. In the latest 6 minute long gameplay introduction, fans are formally introduced to many aspects of the game that we already kind of knew about, but hadn’t yet seen with our own eyes.

The stand-out example of this is the Black Airwing vehicle. Unlocked through the Falco amiibo, the Airwing is capable of targeting two enemies at once however takes triple the  damage with every hit. Not only does this reveal confirm the Black Airwing’s existence after a fan leaked footage of the ship, but it also reassures fans of the amiibo functionality of the title. Alongside Black Airwing, we see Retro Airwing again, in all its nimble glory.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 14.28.18.png

The trailer also shows off the ability to manoeuvre each stage on your own path, finding different routes through the anarchy to different effects. The raptor-like Bipedal Assault Walker, an AI-Equipped Utility Hovercopter, and a Ground-to-Air Heavy Artillery futuristic tank type situation are all on display, alongside the weapon-specific features they boast.

It’s the control scheme that’s worrisome for some fans, however. We already knew that Nintendo was using the gyroscopic abilities of the WiiU gamepad for their “innovative new control scheme”, however the trailer’s exhibition of such controls have resparked fears that date back to the frustrating Wii motion controls when implemented in intricate gameplay. Nevertheless, the ability for a cockpit view on the gamepad will make for some interesting dynamics, though it’s up to you whether or not this is a pay-off.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 14.30.56.png

The trailer also devotes some time at the end for the tower defence title Star Fox Guard, to be released with the Zero game. The trailer spends a significant amount of airtime to actually explaining how to play the Guard game, showing the set up on the gamepad, and explaining goals, objectives, and methods of play. We’re led through the level builder in more detail than we’ve seen before – the creation of these ‘guard the tower’ type levels by users which can then be uploaded for other players to take on.



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