Playing Split-Screen With A Non-Gamer: A Story Told In ‘Friends’ GIFs

Gone are the days of split-screen’s childhood – the pixelated action and stolen glances at your opponent’s screen in GoldenEye 007. 


Nowadays, combat can get pretty complicated – and when your pal and trusty sidekick is pretty much technologically illiterate, you know you’re going to be in for a bad time.



But you’re friends anyway, and it’s only a game right? It’ll be fun…


You’ve briefed them, you’re on the same page and yet as soon as the game starts they flounce innocently straight into a massive zombie horde


It’s up to you to save them as they realise the shitstorm they’ve just bounced merrily into


In the confusion, they’ve shot you twice and seem to be completely unaware of their certain death without you in the game


At this moment, your partner in crime resembles a drunk toddler waving an M9 at a fleet of angry zombies while you’re down and screaming R1 at them


They do not. Since shooting you dead they seem to have forgotten how to pull the trigger, and is instead pulled immediately into the zombie party and devoured. You guys lasted a grand total of 40 seconds.


You sit in silence, contemplating how much they’ve messed up your campaign mode, lost your most valuable items and set you back in gameplay.


But games were made to be shared, so you somehow get duped into doing it all over again.


Because sometimes you need a break from single player






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