Review – Stories: The Path of Destinies

The decision branch is a gameplay mechanic that saw mainstream success in Telltale and then several lacklustre attempts. Thankfully, Stories: The Path of Destinies takes the decision branch mechanic and drills it deeper, rather than wider. Instead of attempting a scope too vast and in reality delivering players with a surface experience where every decision will ultimately reap... Continue Reading →

Indie VR Spotlight: Blind

Tiny Bull's Blind strives to push the limits of modern gaming in exactly the fashion envisioned by the fathers of virtual reality. Screenshots reveal a noir-ish landscape of sketched black and white stylisation in a psychological thriller vr experience. Basing its gameplay on a single character alone in the dark, players must inhabit and navigate this black... Continue Reading →

VR Needs Headsets on the Shop Floor

Both Sony and HTC are in the process of securing store-front demos of their VR tech over summer. With both companies pitching previews to executives earlier in the week, Gamestop has announced the demo stations will become a store feature as early as June. Based on the previews they've been provided with, the suits seem... Continue Reading →

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