Ubisoft Forgets To Finish The Division – Punishes Players

There was a lot of hype last week around a new update for Ubisoft’s widely purchased new title The Division. The update included four new missions under the Incursions section of the game, one of which (Falcon Lost) was deemed so difficult even the developers couldn’t beat it. Yes, the developers themselves spoke out and said that despite spending hours attempting to complete the level they were still stumped, all those hours of gameplay and they didn’t pick up on the bug that let players walk straight through the mission without a scratch?

The mobile cover skill allows players to hide from gunfire when there are no barriers available, however when players use this ability next to a wall it causes them to glitch through the wall itself and in this mission walk straight to the end point without triggering enemies. Ubisoft has come out in a post on Destructoid saying that the exploitation of the glitch is cheating and against their code of conduct, they are “looking into what can be done in terms of punishment”. It seems that this code of conduct goes one way then. While the developers (quite reasonably) expect we play through their game on their terms without the use of hacking or cheating, we the players expect a working game. And this isn’t hacking or cheating, this is a broken game.

It’s no whisper that Ubisoft released The Division with a wealth of bugs, technical flaws, and outright glitches. Updates have caused havoc with players losing progress, and the structural design of the game is not holding up under the hood. While The Division is a solid experience, Ubisoft’s words following the uncovering of this bug bring it a little lower in my respects.

In an age where the voice of the player means so much, big name developers especially cannot release an unfinished game and punish those who buy it anyway and enjoy it (whether that be explicitly through its glitches or not). While I feel for those who beat the level seriously, it should be a case of rewarding the hardcore and not of punishing the masses. After all this it seems that Ubisoft should either focus on rewarding the players who made it through the mission themselves, or hire those who used the glitch to playtest their future endeavours.



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