Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Confirmed

This supposed map for a then-hypothetical sequel to Rockstar’s Western adventure game Red Dead Redemption appeared on NeoGAF last week. To the joy of the fans however, sources have confirmed the map to be true and have released further details surrounding the prequel.

TechRadar’s trusted source verified the map as well as providing a clearer version for fans to pore over. With the existence of the Tall Trees and Great Plains areas showing up clearly on the game map, and the shift of the location to the East, the prequel looks set to explore well trodden ground and some new areas. While the map is significantly larger than the original, a lot of it is inhabited by patches of water. The ability to swim was non-existent in the original title, however we see islands such as the Sisika Penitentiary so perhaps we’ll see some water mechanics cropping up in game.



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