What Insomniac Games’ Oculus Focus Means for VR Future

Insomniac Games is often completely overlooked in its diversity and range of titles. From its PlayStation beginnings with Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance, the studio has dipped successfully in and out of the mobile market and skipped between genres spanning from open world to intimate interactive stories. Just when we thought we knew where we stood however, Insomniac goes and throws us off again.

The development studio is quickly gaining a name for itself in its ability to get behind new technologies impressively early and with powerful zest. It did so with the Facebook and mobile market back in their day, and it’s doing so with virtual reality in 2016.

This morning, Insomniac Games announced its three titles in the works for Oculus Rift. The Unspoken, Feral Heights, and previously revealed Edge of Nowhere are currently in development for virtual reality headsets, and mark a shift in the acceptance of virtual reality technology that I honesty didn’t think we would see just yet.

Insomniac Games has set itself up as a formidable force in the industry, existing in a strange realm of indie development with a past in big name games that’s emerging more and more. With the prestige of its previous titles, and unique independent innovation, Insomniac has positioned itself to perfectly integrate virtual reality into the mainstream market. Indie developers have been pulling the VR chariot, while the bigger companies sit back and wait for the investment to become worth it. The adoption of VR technology by this in-between studio sees us take a step towards this mainstream adoption.



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