Opinion: Is PS4K A Ploy To Sell TVs?


I read an article on Forbes this morning asserting the notion that the upcoming PS4 console, PS4K (or NEO), is in development to help Sony out with their television division. I saw the headline, disregarded it as a conspiracy theory, but read on nevertheless. In light of the recent leakage of PS4K specs and its in-house name ‘Neo’, Forbes took a look at Sony (primarily an entertainment corporation) and its declining 4K television sales. With most of the PS4K’s hype surrounding its ability to output games at a supremely more sophisticated graphical level, it’s not surprising that fans will need a 4K television to run it in its full glory.

Here’s where it hit home for me. Every night, like most, I settle down into my nest of slumber and am instantly bombarded with the worries of the world. Sometimes they centre the usual ‘how do I adult’, ‘can I get by with bank balance for the next week’, and ‘what happens if Trump wins’, but mostly they are inane aspects of my life that become overinflated and apocalyptic as soon as the lights are out. Side note: I made the decision last year before embarking on a year living in America to purchase a PS4 on my return. I’m not going to lie and say it was a tactical move spawned from an in-depth analysis of industry trends – it’s only just become financially viable for me to afford the console and a nice assortment of games i’ve been eyeing up. Plus i’m not going to let the final Uncharted pass me by. Time for the purchase is steadily approaching, and what does Sony kindly do? Bring out a new, more expensive console. Disaster.

So I weigh up my options. I could splash out on the newer model, but is a bump in graphics really worth that extra cash so valuable to me as a student? And then came the killer. The TV. I have a monitor – living in student houses and moving between home and Exeter for the last two years has made purchasing a television a costly and unnecessary hassle. The monitor served my PS3 well, and will probably serve my PS4 just as well, though not as good as a TV. It would feel like a bastardisation of the PS4K however. So here I am, sucked into the ‘do i buy a 4K TV to fully pad out the investment and be able to enjoy what i’ve paid extra for with the newer model, or do I buy a regular PS4 console and watch other people play better versions of the games we paid the same price for?’ debate. I’ve been a Sony fan my entire life, but this feels like a slap in the face when compared with the simplicity that the PS4 promised us, and built its success on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 14.30.12.png

Buying the PS4K is more than spending an extra $100 on a console, it’s having to spend another minimum $400 on a 4K TV, otherwise there’s no point in buying. It’s an absurd business move by Sony, and one that’s likely to lose them a lot of fans. I’ll stick to a nice price cut on the original console and make do with the TV that comes with my student house next year, i’d rather spend more money on actual games for the system than on bizarre and expensive upgrades. You are not Apple, Sony – that doesn’t work here.



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