Mass Effect: New Earth 4D Theme Park Ride Opens May 18

The Mass Effect: New Earth experience will open for business at California’s Great America in Santa Clara May 18. A 4D theme park ride, set in the same era as the start of Mass Effect 3 will supposedly be used to bridge a narrative gap between the original series and the new Andromeda title. So the lucky few with access to this attraction will just have to let the rest of us know.

The experience has been created in conjunction with 3D Live and Cedar Fair Entertainment, and boasts the world’s largest LED screen specifically built for the ride. Advertised as a ‘4D holographic journey’, Mass Effect: New Earth will take you traveling through a mass relay to land on Terra Nova. On top of 3D visuals, the experience will also provide extra sensory material – feel the wind and rain and what 3D Live CEO Nathan Huber describes as “neck ticklers”.


When it was announced last year, the ride was advertised as a “first-of-its-kind guest experience”, bringing “settings and characters” from the game alive. Since then, BioWare has been in constant involvement with the development of the attraction, calling in about artwork and animation. These visuals were fulfilled by Halon Entertainment using Unreal Engine 4.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set for release some time in 2017, but you can head to California for a taste of the Normandy from May 18.



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