There Are Secret Retro Doom Levels To Be Found!

IGN have been listening to the little gaming birdie, and today it told them some news that will make classic Doom fans very happy players. id Software has lovingly laid out an easter egg hunt for us throughout the upcoming reboot of the fps classic. If you’re not one for spoilers: e.g. how to access these secrets, or what they are exactly, then thank you for your patronage but please feel free to scroll past all this and check out the suggested reading instead.

Now it’s just us, let’s talk frankly. id Software told IGN that in every single mission of their new game, there is a magical lever to pull which opens up a whole new secret area. These retro areas are little ‘stubs’ of old Doom maps for you to have fun with. Storming these old levels is sure to bring about some teary nostalgia, but storming them with the new 2016 weaponry is going to bring about some definite badassery. Some of the secret levels come with the classic music, and vary in size. However once you’ve unlocked the secret, the whole map becomes available for your pleasure from the home menu.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 18.10.52.png

The devs speaking to IGN in the video even share a little moment of pride as they come out the secret classic map and back into the full glorious colour spectacle of the reboot. Doom is set for release May 13th 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



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