Indie VR Spotlight: HoloBall

In a tribute to the industry defining Pong, HoloBall brings the ping-pong action into the 21st century with their virtual reality reimagining of the classic. It’s only been on Steam for a few days, however the small title created by developers TreeFortress has taken the Vive audience by storm. With stunningly positive feedback on a title that was in production for a mere month, it seems the basic human need to win beautifully simple games still stands from 1972.

In a ‘futuristic blood dragon themed world’, the mechanics of Pong remain similar, however the bright lights, zingy sound effects, and colourful art bring you a long way from Kansas. It does what virtual reality is supposed to do – puts you straight into the game. Pong saw us staring top down at two paddles and a ball, here the world is shifted and the player is horizontal with the action. The table tennis trope has come full circle and at the same time is back with a vengeance, and a whole lot more power behind it.

It’s the first room-scale indie title to catch my eye on Indie VR Spotlight, and it hopefully won’t be the last. HoloBall is available now on Steam, and is 40% off at the time of writing bringing the price down to $5.99.


Twitter: @tree_fortress

Facebook: Treefortress Games



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