YES! Crash Bandicoot Easter Egg in Uncharted 4!

The fans have been baying for a new Crash Bandicoot title since the dawn of the PS4. Naughty Dog have been cruel in their teasing and lack of deliverance, however there’s a somewhat sarcastic nod to these requests in the form of an Uncharted 4 scene. Not so much an easter egg, more a really cool piece of gameplay, you could argue that the following maybe contains spoilers.

Within the game is a fully playable level of Crash Bandicoot. You have three attempts at the game to beat Elena’s score before she taunts you at attempting to encroach on her ‘TV-game thing’. The set up is even contained in a PlayStation console, and proves a jumping board for some pretty hilarious Drake dialogue.

In true teasing style, Naughty Dog’s Bruce Strayley got everyone’s hopes up and then quickly dashed them last year with this statement:

“Well, there’s actually been a conversation about if it were at all possible – which it’s not, let me emphasize – but we wanted to put a Crash Bandicoot game inside. Not gonna happen, though. Don’t worry.”

Just for proof, here’s some screen grabs.







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