Super Meat Boy Coming to Wii U This Month

A good five or six years after attempts to bring indie cult favourite Super Meat Boy to Nintendo Wii, the game is finally seeing the light of day on a Nintendo platform. Releasing May 12th, Team Meat's iconic platformer will grace the Wii U eShop at a discounted price of $14 (until May 26th). The title was... Continue Reading →

Uncharted 4 Won’t Charge For Multiplayer Items

You won't have to drop a penny if you're in for Uncharted 4's multiplayer. All content, including maps, modes, and items will be absolutely free announced Naughty Dog. Whereas some are available straight from the get go, others will have to be 'purchased' with Relics. These are achievements and rewards from Daily Challenges and winning matches,... Continue Reading →

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