Uncharted 4 Won’t Charge For Multiplayer Items

You won’t have to drop a penny if you’re in for Uncharted 4′s multiplayer. All content, including maps, modes, and items will be absolutely free announced Naughty Dog. Whereas some are available straight from the get go, others will have to be ‘purchased’ with Relics. These are achievements and rewards from Daily Challenges and winning matches, once you’ve got yourself a heavy arsenal, you can choose between a gameplay chest or chest to open. Each item you receive in these chests will be different, but the process is totally randomised.

It’s all part of Naughty Dog’s plan to ensure a level playing field in the multiplayer universe. They want to discourage players from simply buying their way to the top, though it seems strange then that real life payment will still get you those top weapons. Nevertheless, they argue that they’ve created a system which promotes fairness and unification in a consistently evolving multiplayer.

At launch, Uncharted 4 will boast five multiplayer modes – Ranked, Command, Team Deathmatch, Plunder, and Trials. There’s tonnes of extra content headed our way over summer and autumn too, as Naughty Dog plan to take their last Uncharted title out for the long haul.



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