Dead Island 2 Back In Production

Story-news time!

Back in 2010, when my GCSE-sized bank account was far smaller than my gaming appetite, my sister took one for the team and shelled out for a PlayStation 3 console. I was ecstatic, and ran out to buy the first second hand game I could find. In what turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made, my teenage hands somehow found themselves on a copy of Dead Island, still standing in my hall of fame. It stole hours of my life. When I eventually bought a second hand PS3 off some bloke in the queue at CEX for £30 (he mysteriously had to leave the country for Paris – I didn’t question it) in 2013, I brought the game to university. It stole more hours of our lives – an entire summer term really. We finished that game minutes before one of our core team members was fatefully picked up to go home for the summer. Riptide was a good fill-in for the void left in the wake of that game’s completion, but when a sequel was announced not long after there were parties in the streets (figuratively).

The cancellation of that sequel hit me like an electrified circular blade on a baseball bat (my melee of choice).

It’s been confirmed now however, that the series will continue under the development of Sumo Digital. After Yager Development and publisher Deep Silver went their separate ways and ripped my heart out last year, Yager was shut down and it looked like Dead Island was well and truly dead in the water, if you’ve played Riptide you’ll get it. This is where Sumo Digital (Little Big Planet, Forza) come in. They’ve taken on the project to the tune of Deep Silver’s praise, trust, and respect.

Here’s the 2014 trailer that needs to be revisited:

The publisher has since announced a big reveal at E3 this year, though whether this is Dead Island related is still to be seen. The game is coming to Xbox One and PS4, with a beta opening up closer to release on PS4.



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