Xbox Daily Show Information for E3 2016

As the slew of E3 information slowly begins to flow into newsrooms ahead of the event next month, Xbox have released an announcement this morning detailing times for their E3 presentation this year.

The Xbox E3 2016 Briefing will take place Monday June 13th at 9.30am PT. Those at home will be able to view all the newest game, tech, and features announcements via the Xbox Twitch channel, on consoles, or in-store (because we all want to pop down to our local Microsoft store to stand uncomfortably).  The event will also broadcast to Spike TV in the US an Canada.

Microsoft also announced that it would be bringing back the Xbox Daily Show: LIVE @E3. The highlights initiative began last year and was received well among fans. The show will provide fans with a round up of announcements made during the briefing as well as happenings from the expo floor amongst guest stars and prominent industry figures. Airing Tuesday June 14th and Wednesday June 15th from 4 – 5pm PDT. The show will be streamed live to the Twitch channel, as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360. Those viewing directly from the Xbox One console will be included in exclusive interactive features.

It’s all eyes on Xbox this year, as rumours of new hardware are being flung across the internet. We’ll be seeing if a new Xbox console is mentioned, and if we get any confirmation on any new updated designs on the Xbox One console. Bearing Sony’s new hardware upgrade, and fan reaction to it, in mind during these announcement may begin to uncover the cracks in Sony’s long console reign.



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