The Dead Island: Definitive Edition Trailer Is Brutal

People hate on Dead Island. Why, I will never know – it’s hyperbolic overkill entertainment in its purest form. From the melodrama of each zombie’s screech as you hack into it with a tijuana machete, to the squelch sound effects of a good old decapitation, there’s no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than on the dead-infested island of Banoi.

The new trailer, released today, for the remastered versions of the first two titles, Dead Island and the slightly less technologically sound Dead Island: Riptide, is an exhibition of bloodshed and chaos worthy of the Dead Island tag. The trailer shows off the upgraded visuals (which won’t be that recognisable to PC players admittedly), while promising its continued devotion to light-hearted humour in entertainment. At times corny, often cringey, and always beautifully over the top, the trailer brings the badassery of the first two titles to a brand that’s seen some disillusionment over the last year.

It’s a fast-paced, comic look at what the boosted PS4 and Xbox One versions have to offer that’s been well received by the Dead Island loving community so far. The haters can keep their weapons un-electrified.

Dead Island: Definitive Edition will be launching May 31st on Xbox One and PS4. The $40 hard copy price gets you both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide remastered as well as an extra Retro Revenge mini-game. Each title will also be available digitally for $20 a go.



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