6 Reasons To Get Excited for Uncharted 4

In a series of games that have blown each of their contenders out the water for so many awards, there’s no reason not to be excited for the final instalment. However just in case you were looking for some more amping, here’s 6 reasons you should be queuing at midnight (if anyone even does that anymore) for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

1. Nate and Elena


The past three games have been the worst of times and the best of times for antique-scavenging, gun toting duo Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. From their humble beginnings as documentary maker and subject, the pair have been through a troubled marriage, several hostage crises, and even more daring rescues. Nevertheless, we left them on a high note at the end of Drake’s Deception and in the upcoming game will gain an insight into their happy married life. As we’ve seen in the Crash Bandicoot easter egg screenshots (link below), Nate and Elena have settled into a comfy life of normalcy and it’ll be funny to see our everyday-man king of badassery hero on the couch with a cup of tea and the missus, if a little jarring to see him in this unnatural setting. Seeing this reconciled marriage will give us a glimpse into a more human Nate, though that’s not to say the past three games haven’t given us the everyday hero perfectly.

2. Gratifying Ending


This is subjective, however many sources who have already had a hands on with the game have confirmed that its ending comes up to scratch. Though no spoilers ahead, Polygon have eased our minds by saying in their review that “there are no threads left unresolved, no relationships left unexplored and no shirts left partially untucked”. In a series that’s loved and praised by so many fans, and has been hailed by so many critics as the best on the PS3 console, the fear of a lacklustre or open ending is prevailing. Nevertheless, these playthroughs suggest a complete round off to see players out of the world of Uncharted. 

3. Boosted Visuals


We’ve all seen the screenshots, Uncharted 4 looks amazing. It shocked me when I picked up a copy of GamesTM magazine that featured the game a while back and it still shocks me today. Known as the pioneers of graphics on the PS3, many have cited the first three games as the best looking on the old console. Despite the company’s relatively late entry to the current-gen market, they’ve still managed to take it by storm with their completely revamped facial animation systems. Josh Scherr spoke to GamesTM and explained that while in other games, characters had around 90-100 ‘bones’ in their faces, we will be seeing faces with up to 500 in this last instalment.

4. Cover Movements


With these upgraded animations, Naughty Dog have improved their cover combat – a massive part of the Uncharted experience. Though they always do it well, they seem to have tweaked a few things for their last title that come across particularly strong on screen. We’ve seen demonstrations for example, where Nate’s movements from different crouching positions flow more realistically, instead of the terrifying split second of standing we have to endure before our trusty hero returns to the ground we can duck and dive to our heart’s content. Similarly, the interaction between Nate and his environment has been much improved. Since Drake’s Deception introduced the notion that Nate would softly move objects or characters out of his way to increase realism and immersion, developers have confirmed that this mechanic has been upgraded and stands stronger in the finale than it ever has. We also get to play with a brand new grappling hook which is always a laugh and definitely opens up some doors for on the move, dynamic combat.

5. Buddy Friendly Multiplayer


While the Uncharted series has rarely been cited as the most innovative multiplayer experience out there, it’s received its fair share of praises. In the final game, players will experience more of a ‘buddy’ vibe in their shared exploits. Opportunities to heal or ditch your partner will allow for some awkward friendship obstacles as well as affirmations of love.

6. More On Nate


It’s no secret that Nate’s brother Sam will be a major supporting character in the fourth game. But it’s still exciting to realise that this means we’ll get even more of an insight into Nate as a human being. I don’t know if it was just me, but learning more about the real Nate in the third game gave the every-day hero figure more of an every-day aspect, and was one of the most satisfying parts of the game. Knowing we’ll get even more of an understanding in this finale however is beyond exciting.

And if none of that does the trick, here’s a trailer.



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  1. I’m so ready for Uncharted 4! Excited to see how Elena and Nathan’s relationship have evolved. And certainly learning about Nate’s past. I wonder if we’re ever gonna learn what his real name is.

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