Battlefield 1 Trailer First Look

Update: Trailer Added

Battlefield 1 trailer lands, explodes, lands again.

DICE just premiered their trailer for upcoming game Battlefield 1. After on-stage promises from developers that the game is going to “break new ground again”, the lights finally dimmed.

Set to the driving riff of Seven Nation Army, the trailer begins with a horseback charge. Not exactly something we’ve come to expect from the-bigger-the-louder-the-better artillery from previous games. However it quickly becomes apparent that the age old recipe of destruction and fire still works, and works beautifully. The trailer dipped between points of such frantic speed the Twitch broadcast struggled to keep up, and slow moments of, for example, a looming blimp overhead casting its shadow.

The game looks set in WW1, not surprising given the previous rumours. However there’s something age-old to be felt about the trailer. The horseback, and the tiny planes we see flying towards the camera – it feels like we’re watching a battle of all battlefields. As announced in the trailer, and just before it, everything we saw was in-engine, and what we saw was pretty terrific and just had to be watched again.

Battlefield 4

The trailer hit the right spot. So much so that the Twitch comments section rained down with “RIP CoD”, an assertion very much being echoed on Twitter.

It was definitely short, and shouldn’t be compared to the beautiful trailer reveal we had last month with Final Fantasy but it got the blood going and set a pretty exciting tone for the game itself.

As of writing, the Twitch broadcast is still live with discussions from developers.



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