This Week In Gaming: Uncharted 4 / Stellaris / Goliath / Doom / LVL UP Expo

It’s your weekly newsletter from your favourite Mario Minion. Last week we saw Battlefield 1 give Call of Duty a possible early death sentence with its trailer premiere, a host of successful betas, and Battleborn‘s release. Here’s all the game releases and  events you need to stay in the know about this week, as well as an insight into what’s coming up on the blog.

Monday 9th May 


Monday will be the final day of our Uncharted weekend (if you’ve missed any featured posts you can catch up right here). We’ll usher in the final Uncharted title with a round up of the best collectables and merchandise we’ve found scattered across the internet, as well as a tally of our personal best and worst Uncharted moments.

The gaming fun doesn’t end there though, because Monday is also the day greatly anticipated strategy game Stellaris, from Paradox Development Studios hits Steam. An ‘evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core’, Stellaris will be available on Mac and PC for $40.

Tuesday 10th May 

Uncharted™ 4 Multiplayer_20151203181904

Tuesday is D-Day. Or U-Day. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End goes live, yes the wait is finally over, and it’s been oh so long. If you’re not playing from day one, it might be worth avoiding the internet on Tuesday, there are sure to be some spoilers floating around. In case you didn’t know already, this game marks the end of the Uncharted series and has already been marked as one of the best video games of all time from previewers. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to make your mind up for yourself on Tuesday.

Wednesday 11th May 


A duo of conferences kick off on Wednesday. CES Asia returns after a successful debut last year, the event shows off the very best in consumer technology and claims to be the only industry event focused on the Asia-Pacific market. The conference will run until the 13th with keynotes, exhibitions and demos of the latest consumer tech.

Apps World North America returns for its seventh event, bringing together professionals from four sectors of industry for three days of networking and learning. On the gaming side, speakers include mobile divisions of Warner Bros. Games, Google Play, and Bandai Namco, all hosting panel discussions or development workshops for today’s mobile tech entrepreneurs.

Over here, however, we’ll be taking a look at startup culture in video games by tracing the roots of Kickstarter. With so many indie projects using the crowd sourcing site it’ll be interesting to scope out how it started back in the day, the kickstarter of Kickstarter, if you will.

Thursday 12th May 


Thursday sees some unique game releases. Goliath brings a creative robot-building mechanic to the sandbox adventure game over on Steam, where you’ll be able to develop your own robotic exoskeleton to fight off evil monsters in an award winning production from Whalebox Studio.

Also, the Wii U will receive a welcome addition to its digital repertoire in the form of Super Meat Boy. The Nintendo port has been a long time coming for the indie-title-gone-big, but finally the messy adventure will be available. You can check our reaction  to this news when it first came out here.

Friday 13th May 


Another big release – Doom finally hits shelves on Friday. The reboot of the classic first person shooter has been in development for over ten years in one form or another. From its origins as Doom 4 to its shunting back to the drawing board until 2013 when it was reawakened to the public, the game has seen its fair share of trauma in development. We’ll be running a piece detailing all of this difficulty on Friday so you can appreciate how long what you’re enjoying has been in the making.

Saturday 14th May

LVL UP Expo is one for the players. A convention of cosplay, competitions, tournaments and giveaways will be held at the Cashman Center, Las Vegas over the weekend. Attendees will have the opportunity to compete in tournaments including titles such as Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Rock Band 4, Hearthstone, and Halo 5 as well as hang out with notable actors, cosplayers, YouTubers, and video game commentators.

Up north, iFest will also be kicking off for the weekend. A free festival for independent gaming in Seattle, iFest is open to anyone with a passion for gaming. With sister locations in Australia and LA, the festival has grown considerably in recent years.

Sunday 15th May 


We’ll be bringing you some Homefront: The Revolution facts on Sunday ahead of the game’s release on Tuesday 17th May, and checking in with you all again this time next week.


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