CoD / Battlefield YouTube War Reaches Startling Numbers

Since Battlefield 1’s debut trailer premiere last week, fans have taken on online soap boxes from which to shout ‘the end is nigh’ for Call of Duty. Infinite Warfare is serving as a common enemy for much of the gaming industry right now, with its scheming Modern Warfare Remastered release (but only for those paying top dollar for the newest game) and blatant refusal to listen to fans asking for a WW1 experience. With Battlefield 1 producing a visually stunning and extremely exciting game, set during a time period none other than WW1, last week, fans have taken to YouTube for expression.

In an industry where fan feedback is so integral to both development and release, the power of the video game fan is unparalleled in other entertainment industries (we wrote about this a while ago and you can read up below). So when these fans are ignored, and then further exploited for their hard earned cash in this Call of Duty style, their rage becomes a powerful tool.

The result: fans have been lobbying to push the Battlefield 1 trailer up to YouTube stardom in terms of likes, and reduce Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to smoking rubble through the same process. The Battlefield 1 trailer has now surpassed over a million likes on YouTube. That places it firmly in the 250 most liked videos on YouTube, and at the top of the pile as most liked trailer of all time. These bizarre numbers are the result of this campaign against Call of Duty, and the figures over at the Infinite Warfare trailer are just as spectacular. Securing over 1.2 million dislikes, the trailer has become the most disliked ever, and the 8th most disliked video in YouTube history.



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