Ubisoft’s E3 A Step Forward For AAA VR?

Ubisoft recently held a conference call for investors and analysts, in which the company’s approach to virtual reality was detailed by CEO Yves Guillemot.

It’s become apparent then, that Ubisoft plan to release a handful of games this year for virtual reality headsets, including a “surprise” announcement at E3. During the announcement, Ubisoft also praised Sony’s work with the tech, stating that “we are happy that Sony is doing a good job in presenting its new machine, the PlayStation VR, and we see now a good momentum”. Ubisoft is one of the first major companies to venture into VR territory, suggesting that its predominantly indie foundations are proving strong.

While it’s a step in the right direction for an ultimately mainstream virtual reality, Ubisoft are remaining understandably cautious. Keeping their VR finances strictly tight until more headsets are out in the homes of consumers is a smart move, as the relatively new technology still has a long way to go before it becomes viable for AAA gaming.

Ubisoft are gearing up though, and have “adapted [their] engines so that they can be ready when the market takes off.”. This move marks an optimistic outlook for virtual reality in the mainstream AAA gaming market. If Ubisoft are getting ready for the market boom, it’s difficult to believe others aren’t. It’s certainly happened faster than expected, but big established companies are readying the troops for the moment virtual reality becomes a viable market.

The question then, is who’s going to step out first?



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