$80 Million Funded for Tetris Movie

The Tetris Movie has been somewhat of a myth in the industry as of late, after an announcement in 2014, producers Threshold and The Tetris Company have stayed quiet while mining funds for their live action project.

The filmmakers announced that:

“The project is eyed as an $80 million China-U.S. co-production under Threshold Global Studios, a new banner formed by Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff.”

That’s $80 million. On a Tetris movie. There’s a growing trend of the arcade-game-turned-blockbuster trope happening across the entertainment industry at the moment. Just a few days ago, we reported that Atari is on the board of producers for new movie adaptations of Centipede and Missile Command. These titles have substance – something to plot a narrative against, Tetris is a puzzle (a brilliant puzzle but a puzzle nonetheless). They’re going to have to do something pretty revolutionary with that $80 million they’ve secured to ensure this movie doesn’t go the way of Pixels, forcing static video game references around a disconnected plot line.

What’s more, it looks set to be a trilogy.

They’d have to have a Kubrick behind the scenes to make Tetris the kind of movie it needs to be to do well. I’m highly cynical, but you never know, they might pull it out the bag, it’s just very, very unlikely. I’m still half-convinced it’s all an elaborate joke.



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