First Battleborn Free Character To Land May 31st 

For those currently out the Battleborn loop, 5 free extra playable characters are being sent into the arena periodically and the first, a fierce healer named Alani will be sent to all platforms at the end of the month. 

She’s not exactly free, players will have to part with 47,500 credits to unlock the character. Those lucky enough to be battling with a season pass or beta experience will be able to unlock each character a week early however, through the use of a Hero Key. For such players, Alani will be available from the 24th at 12pm ET. You also don’t need to earn those pesky in-game credits if you go for this option. 

The Hero Key mechanic is a fairly unique divergence (though possibly not for PC gamers) from the typical season pass holder privilege. Using a hero key to unlock any released hero opens up an opportunity to unlock all of them as they come out. If you complete challenge objectives or reach a high enough rank with a hero unlocked in this way, your key will be returned to you for future use. 
It’s a system that promotes a dedication to your avatars, and fosters a certain amount of kinship with these pixels. A great way to keep players coming back and, in essence, gamifying the actual process of unlocking game content, it will be interesting to see how the players react to this mechanic on its implementation. 

Battleborn is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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