Blizzard Working on Saving and Exporting Overwatch Highlights

Highlights are one of the coolest parts of Overwatch. At the end of a long play session, they provide a few seconds of charming nostalgia as you review your battle progress. The feature obviously holds benefits for those in the streaming or YouTube game, giving creators a few seconds of enticing footage to sum up their experiences that session and proving incredibly useful for their dynamic marketing appeal.

However there is currently no way to export these clips, and they are reset every time the game is switched off. If you’re up on your capturing equipment this hasn’t really stopped you, and so streamers aren’t really finding issue with this limitation. However for the everyday player who wants to keep this little collection of moments, the ephemerality of these snippets can prove frustrating.

Thankfully, Blizzard have now announced that they are looking into boosting their highlight feature considerably. Director Jeff Kaplan posted on Overwatch’s official forum that “Our hope (and what we’re working toward) is to allow players to save highlights or export them to a video format someday,”. Hopefully we’ll see an update crop up soon that will allow more than five clips to be included in a highlight, and that highlight to be saved and exported to social media.



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