The Next Step in The Last of Us Franchise Uncovered?

Concept art for asset taken from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End reveals that we may be seeing a The Last of Us comic series in the works soon. 

Even if you haven’t played through Uncharted 4 yet, you’d be stretched to not know about the The Last of Us easter egg that has been dug up by keep eyes. Among others, one of the more spoken about secrets is a poster depicting a pregnant woman for something called The Last of Us: American Daughters. 

It’s not surprising that the final Uncharted game gave a nod to Naughty Dog’s other current IP. They hid a slight hint to the original The Last of Us game in the form of a newspaper report in Uncharted 3 before the game was even announced. So the notion of them continuing this trend was even expected on A Thief’s End‘s release.


What wasn’t expected though, was concept artist Richard Lyons saying this about the poster in a recent online portfolio upload:

“The poster was created as an in game asset for Uncharted 4. Such a treat to work on. Also I can’t elaborate on the narrative to this image,”

Why can’t he elaborate on the narrative? Is it important? Fans ears automatically pricked at this mysterious vagueness. There are rumours flying around concerning the identity of the woman – most people are siding with the idea that it is Ellie’s mother, in a prequel to the events of the main game, others are arguing it’s another character entirely. She does certainly bear a resemblance to Ellie, and the title “American Daughters” draws crucial attention to the spawn.


Most media outlets are asserting a new game in The Last of Us series. It makes sense, they’ve finished up with their Uncharted series now and Ellie and Joel’s original adventure made headlines with its success a few years ago – it’s due an update. But what troubles me about this theory is the very obvious Dark Horse logo at the bottom of the poster. Is it a part of the asset itself – something to bring some more realism into the Uncharted universe? Or is it a hint at The Last of Us franchise taking a turn for the comic? Players have built such a connection with the lead characters, it wouldn’t be difficult to transfer this relationship over to the page – and pretty much anything with a The Last of Us label on it will sell. It’s likely we’ll be seeing something outside the console coming to Naughty Dog’s latest franchise.



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