Indie VR Spotlight: Waltz of the Wizard

It’s our first free to play title on Indie VR Spotlight, and it’s hit some phenomenal reviews since its release for the HTC Vive on May 31st. Waltz of the Wizard promises to show you exactly what it feels like to have magical powers in this playfully open experience.

Developer and publisher Aldin Dynamics have been working closely with VR technology since the day it started rumbling. Since 2013 they’ve been dissecting the tech, looking specifically at the use of behavioural analysis and artificial intelligence. Their ‘Ghostline’ technology has been used throughout the development of Waltz of the Wizard in order to create a deeper functionality to the user experience. Similarly, a great amount of detail has been paid to the role of the NPC. Gaze analysis and NPC responses to natural player gestures serve to create characters that work fluidly with the player’s movements and motivations. Promising a seamless experience from these aspects of development, Aldin Dynamics assert that their VR experience achieves “suspense and immersion in ways that is impossible to achieve in any other medium”.

Set free in this world of wizardry, players can do as they please with their enchanted surroundings and equipment. As well as experimenting, players are able to move through other locations and interact with other characters. Waltz of the Wizard is currently free on Steam, and has been developed for the HTC Vive.

Website: Aldin Dynamics

Twitter: @AldinDynamics

Facebook: Aldin Dynamics



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