Everything You Need To Know About The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children has just finished its open beta, though many are still confused as to just what the hell goes on in this game. They are forgiven, the multiplayer adventure title  is elusive down to its graphics but it presents a concept that once fully unpacked offers us an unprecedented look at the way we interact through play.

In short, The Tomorrow Children plants you in the middle of a town from which you travel over to a distant island to gather resources to build up your surroundings while fending monsters off from the shores. All seems simple and well – but when we introduce the multiplayer concept, things get slightly muddy but brilliantly intuitive. You are only able to view your fellow miners when they are actively completing an action, or speaking with you via one of three possible emotes. You see, you can only carry three items in your own pack, so running off into the mountains on your own and grabbing whatever you see just isn’t a viable plan. You need your fellow players to help you shift the materials, and you need to trust that they’re helping you.


In a more general sense, The Tomorrow Children has been described as a “Soviet Union-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia” by Engadget. You work to build your town up and are rewarded for your labour with tokens and dollars. Aside from this general premise though, it’s easy to get snowed under with the other features in the game, and lost in the deserted town you initially find yourself in.

The Tomorrow Children is apparently one to watch this year, sneaking through behind the AAA releases we saw earlier in 2016 and surprising us all with its depth in its beta last week. Though there’s still no set release date, we’re expecting good things from developer Q-Games on the PS4.



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