‘Oops’ The Whole Accidental Reveal Thing’s Getting A Bit Old Now

Oh, and Titanfall 2 has a release date and single player campaign…

Guess what, EA have ‘accidentally’ published a piece of footage that shows a representative letting the cat out the release date bag in terms of upcoming shooter Titanfall 2. What a shame, whatever will they do now…

It’s been a few years of accidental reveals and it’s getting difficult to stomach some of the “i’ve said too much” scenarios they’re coming up with. There’s no denying that an accidental reveal used to amplify any already existing hype to unprecedented levels – many players first heard the name of the game through the news that its release date had been leaked. Now though we’re beginning to groan when the news starts flooding in that the wrong button was pressed and now we know all of EA’s deepest, darkest secrets. We as a species love a good f**k up. If someone messed something up that we can exploit we feel all powerful and gooey inside.

So it’s no wonder publishers have clocked onto this and have been ‘accidentally’ hitting the publish button a few hours before a major event for years now. Though this year we’ve really had it hard – nearly every announcement has been made accidentally and it’s the same news outlets effectively writing the same news piece for every single one of them. Title = ‘surprising’ thing about game, Intro = game has been accidentally released, Body = what else we know about the game, Conclusion = when the game’s hitting shelves. I’m guilty of it, I know, but i’m putting my foot down now.


Because the accidental reveal is old now. We all know it’s not an accident. We know it’s a marketing ploy for any struggling (or high profile) titles to grab a couple more buyers a few hours before launch. We know that in a billion dollar industry, true accidents rarely happen. So why do we have to keep pretending that EA didn’t realise the Twitch stream was happening when they rehearsed all their information succinctly this morning? Why do we have to play along with the charade of dopiness when we know full well we were always going to find out this way. Companies need those headlines during E3, of course this is how they’re going to do it. Yes, it makes the viewer feel special – like they’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of information. But it infantilises us, hiding easter eggs in the garden for the kids to find by themselves – ‘oh, what have you got there, wow!’ ‘you found features, a release date, and a single player campaign all by yourself?!’.

I don’t know. Maybe i’m being too cynical, maybe it’s not as contrived as it feels.

If you were wondering, Titanfall 2 will release October 28th, and will include a single player campaign yada, yada, yada. They’ve gone and put the trailer out there now, so have a look if you really need to…



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