A Waffle-Free Run Down of Ubisoft’s E3 Conference

We all just want to know the facts. In these heated few days of information, rumour, and screaming women (some people really love their Elder Scrolls) you want to know what’s happened and fast – especially if you’re not sitting in the same time zone. Catching up has never been so easy so take a glance through this year’s Ubisoft presentation and you’ll be completely clued up within moments.

  • Aisha Tyler hosted the event for the fifth time, she took a moment to remember the victims of the Orlando shootings before any announcements were made
  • Just Dance 2017 was announced to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and will be released across all platforms in October as well as the NX when it’s finally unveiled
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon was introduced with a gameplay reveal to come to all platforms on March 7th 2017
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole – the brilliantly named sequel to Stick of Truth that has gone fairly quiet in recent months was shown off through a discussion with Matt and Trey. It will include a number of new features, different focuses and a series of collector’s figures – the game will launch on December 6 for all platforms
  • We learned more about The Division‘s new expansion pack The Underground to launch June 28th for Xbox and PC and August 2nd for PS4
  • We were also introduced to upcoming The Division expansion Survival though no specific release dates were mentioned
  • Eagle FlightUbisoft’s E3 VR venture was heavily detailed through discussion with Charles Huteau and Palmer Luckey
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew is another VR venture shown off, a multiplayer VR experience set for take off this autumn and introduced by current ‘Star Trek’ cast members.
  • For Honour came back into the limelight through gameplay footage of a viking faction in the upcoming third person fantasy action title. We have a release date of February 14th and a multiplayer alpha coming soon
  • Grow Up was revealed to be the sequel to Grow Home and will hit markets in August 
  • Mash up of Trials and Far Cry spinoff game Blood Dragon, Trials of the Blood Dragon is available to play now
  • We saw more details on Watch Dogs 2 through some new gameplay footage and PS4 players will be granted access to all DLC content a full 30 days before any other console
  • We are also being treated to a Watch Dogs movie that is currently in development
  • Brand new IP was also established in the form of Steep – a massive open world of extreme sports and other mountain based activities. Steep is due for release this December and eager players can sign up for the beta now.


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