7 PS4 Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

So many ‘PS4 Hack’ lists on the internet simply lay out lists of PS4 features and applications like a drawn out advert. So here are a few actual hacks to make your PS4 life easier that i’ve found hiding amongst the waffle online.

1. Use That PS Store Button On Your Phone


It’s not just for show. While you’re out and about you can click the PS Store button to find games and set them up for download on your system at home. As long as your PS4 is on rest mode with connection to the internet set up, they will download while you go about your day and be ready and waiting for you when you get back.

2. Use Your Phone As A Keyboard


While the PS4 keyboard does feel considerably nicer to use than the PS3, there’s still no getting away from the fact that it is controlled through those cumbersome analogue sticks. In the old days we soldiered on and spent precious minutes painstakingly scrolling through letters. Now however, PS4 offers the option to pair your phone with the PlayStation App running in order to easily key in messages. Simply hook them up with one another through the connection settings on PS4, make sure you’re logged in with the same PSN ID and select the second screen option. Use that time you saved to thank me later.

3. DualShock Light Bar


While used for the PlayStation Camera, the DualShock 4 light bar serves little function other than to let you know when you’re charging. After concerns about battery life were aired on the PS4’s release, you can now set the intensity of the light to bright, medium, or low by holding down on the PS button and selecting ‘adjust devices’.

4. Remote Play on PC or Mac


It’s a new one, and a feature we all heard a lot about, but just in case you were out the loop you can now remote play on your computer. While the Vita’s served us fine as a friendly face when someone else wants the TV, there’s nothing like a proper sized screen to hunch over wherever you are. Simply download the remote play program onto your computer, connect the controller using the charging wire and connect to your PS4. I have limited internet at home, and was wary after reading how some users initially found lagging and framerate drops to inhibit experience but after giving it a go on my lowly connection I found that it runs incredibly well. The only time I ever noticed a drop in performance was if someone else rudely decided to start streaming while I was playing.

5. Co-Op Using Your Vita


Remote Play has been floating around for a while now, and with the latest update allowing PC and Mac to get in the action it’s never been so big. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Those expensive DualShocks can run up quite a bill, so if you’re not quite in the market for a new one then look no further than your trusty PS Vita. Connect your Vita to remote play and have that as your primary controller for on screen action. Then have a buddy press the PS button on your existing DualShock and select the option to enter the game as a guest and you have non-split screen local co-op at your very fingertips.

6. Share Factory


No so much a hack, as a piece of software that comes free with the PS4 but that rarely gets used. Share Factory is an in-system editing program that allows you to splice your best game footage together using intros, outros, soundtracks, effects, and transitions. They’re pretty cool, and some game themes come with special features to use in this program.

7. Double Tap PS Button


If you find yourself constantly between two applications, be it a game and the trophy screen, messages, or to check the progress of that mega-download that’s been eating at your bandwidth, it can be tiresome to scrawl all the way through that menu bar. So go ahead and double tap your trusty PS button to find a handy list of the last two applications you visited and multitask away.



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